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In the Doing Business indicator, "Resolving Insolvency", how did Zimbabwe perform in all the variables considered?
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What the indicators measure

Time required to recover debt (years)

  • Measured in calendar years
  • Appeals and requests for extension are included

Cost required to recover debt (% of debtor’s estate)

  • Measured as percentage of estate value
  • Court fees
  • Fees of insolvency administrators
  • Lawyers’ fees
  • Assessors’ and auctioneers’ fees
  • Other related fees


  • Whether business continues operating as a going concern or business assets are sold piecemeal

Recovery rate for creditors

  • Measures the cents on the dollar recovered by secured creditors
  • Outcome for the business (survival or not) determines the maximum value that can be recovered
  • Official costs of the insolvency proceedings are deducted
  • Depreciation of furniture is taken into account
  • Present value of debt recovered

Strength of insolvency framework index (0- 16)

  • Sum of the scores of four component indices:
  • Commencement of proceedings index (0-3)
  • Management of debtor’s assets index (0-6)
  • Reorganization proceedings index (0-3)
  • Creditor participation index (0-4)
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