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What does the Zimbabwean Aerodromes and Air Navigation Services Inspectorate do?
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The Aerodromes and Air Navigation Services Inspectorate is responsible for the safety oversight of airspace management and ground based aviation facilities. These include aerodromes, air traffic services, aeronautical information services, and meteorology and aeronautical telecommunication services within Zimbabwe. The ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) specify the minimum requirements that should prevail at an aerodrome or airspace for the safety of international civil aviation. The oversight functions include:

  • Certification of aerodromes and air navigation services providers.
  • Approval of instrument flight procedures.
  • Investigation of Air Traffic Services (ATS) and aerodromes related incidents and accidents.
  • Approval of search and rescue operations.
  • Development of guidance material for the aviation industry.
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